Secure your business data on cloud through Backup & Restore services.

A cloud-based infrastructure enables organizations to scale up rapidly along with decreased costs and greater reliability. However- it does come with its own risks. Lost data can paralyze the entire application, and even more so in a cloud based infrastructure. However, with CloudJournee, your organization will be prepared for any such situation with specific contingency plans. We help to safeguard your organization by protecting data that matters to your application or business.

We help you with easy creation and scheduling of all backups. All the interfaces are integrated along with the cloud server, which ensures maximum protection for your data and restoration of backups in just a few minutes.

Always being prepared for any situation is the first rule of business- and we at CloudJournee help you with just that. Reach out to us for a discussion with our experts, and you will surely realize the difference that we can make.

Key Offerings:

  • Increased reliability on the cloud
  • Minimal loss of productivity and time as backups can be instantly restored
  • Cost control over backup storage without any unnecessary investment
  • Your cloud is prepared for any situation