DevOps is ideal for organizations that are looking to deliver high-quality applications with better features, with a shorter time to delivery and greater agility.

At the start of your organization’s DevOps journey, the road ahead may seem full of challenges. Getting started with it takes some time. DevOps demand specialized expertise along with a complete overhaul of the culture and organizational discipline. Instead of going the traditional route- availing more human resources at the expense of greater capital (which is the complete opposite of your goal) you can go along with our DevOps Advisory services.

At CloudJournee, we believe that no single approach works for all. This is why our team of experts develops a strategy and advice that will align with the vision of your organization.

Key Offerings:
  • Discovery – Applications, Tools & Technologies
  • Evaluate Process and Methodology
  • Assess Software Development and Operations
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Maturity Level report
  • Readiness Report