Managed Cloud Services

Accelerate your cloud success with our robust cloud management services.

As organizations move towards the cloud, there is an increasing need of cloud operations management. This encompasses designing, overseeing and management of the entire set of cloud operations processes. As your organization makes its transformation to cloud based infrastructure, it is important to ensure that every step is towards making the most of your resources. This is where CloudJournee comes in, to simplify and make your cloud more efficient.

As you migrate towards the cloud and scale up more, management of the cloud is what will decide how much you gain from it. Our managed cloud offering includes monitoring the cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, Google cloud) and system health. We offer tailored Cloud management services to meet your requirements and implement a sound steady state management strategy for your cloud ecosystems. We help define governance models that include delivery and operational policies.

Key Offerings:
  • Custom support window
  • Your IT management can focus on the core business needs as CloudJournee manages the cloud
  • A well-managed cloud ensures greater efficiency along with rapid scalability
  • Cost control along with optimal consumption of resources
  • A cloud architecture that aligns to your business needs