Cloud Migration service help our clients migrate their application portfolio to the public cloud seamlessly.

Are you (or your organization) new to cloud computing? If yes, then you may be thinking about the possibility of migrating to the cloud. Moving services and applications is the trend these days. With cloud computing, an organization achieves a high degree of stability along with an affordable & controllable cost.

Cloud migration can be quite the challenge if you do not have the right team of professionals by your side- and this is where CloudJournee comes in.

Our team of cloud technology experts will help you to make the most of the cloud. The first task of migrating to the cloud requires selecting the right cloud computing model-, such as IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. Do not be worried if you are not familiar with these terms- or any other cloud computing terminology.

When you chose CloudJournee, we ensure that you get all your requirements met with the minimum hassle.

Key Offerings:

  • Migration strategy & planning
  • Cloud deployment architecture
  • Impact analysis / Developing PoC
  • Application migration to cloud
  • Deployment of application on cloud