Why Microservices?

Microservices Offerings

Do you already have a Microservices architecture in place but want to understand whether it will yield desired results for you?

Engage our Microservices architects to review your blueprint and get a detailed consultation and report with recommendations to improvise your architecture.

With experience in designing enterprise-grade Microservices based solutions; our experts can select the right technologies for creating the right Microservice as well as map the right products & frameworks to the architectural components.

Hence we can help you create a high performing application with minimal complexity.

Deploying a Microservices based solution on cloud is a critical decision looking at the plethora of options available in the market.

Our Microservices experts can help you select the right deployment platform for you depending on your, budget constraints scalability needs & other requirements. Post deployment, we can help you manage your Microservices based solution in the cloud.

Are you looking for an expert in a particular Microservices technology?

Hire from our team of experts and they can assist you in building a high performing Microservices based solution.

Microservices Approach

With our agile software development methodology, we iteratively and incrementally develop applications from Inception to Elaboration to Construction to Transition.


Understanding your current business use case, evaluating various technological aspects & then defining the Microservices architecture


Designing a robust and rock-solid architecture to build a high performing system with all architecturally significant components and cover all risks


Developing a deployable system sprint by sprint with a Test Driven Development (TDD) approach


Rolling out the entire system post thorough testing and UAT

Microservices Technologies

Packaging your application with all of its dependencies & deploying it on any infrastructure

Microservices - CloudJournee
Managing and maintaining Microservices applications in containerized environments

Microservices - CloudJournee Microservices - CloudJournee
Deploying your Microservices architecture on the cloud for better flexibility and scalability

Microservices - CloudJournee Microservices - CloudJournee Microservices - CloudJournee
Automating the integration of new codes into a shared repository at least once a day (and usually more often), and delivering the software package to the deployment environment

Microservices - CloudJournee Microservices - CloudJournee Microservices - CloudJournee
Monitoring the performance of applications

Microservices - CloudJournee Microservices - CloudJournee Microservices - CloudJournee Microservices - CloudJournee

Why CloudJournee?

  • Extensive experience in developing & managing Microservices based solutions using technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Core OS and various Cloud Platforms
  • Expertise in designing & building applications that are both highly secure and can be easily maintained
  • Mature operations team to manage the increased overall operational complexity of a Microservices project
  • Working side-by-side with the clients & implementing the best-practices knowledge and lessons learned from real-world into the projects