Why CloudJournee’s Log Analytics?

Log Analytics can help you search, analyze, and visualize machine data generated by your IT systems and infrastructure to gain operational insights.


Our log Analytics solution can help you create a fully customizable architecture which can be created on-premise or in the cloud without a dedicated cluster based on your requirement & will

  • Enhance agility and flexibility
  • Reduce licensing costs
  • Get you real-time search, analysis, alerts, and reports
  • Analyze & report all machine generated logs (structured and unstructured)

Log Analytics Offerings

We cater to the entire set of log Analytics use cases including – risk management, compliance, security analysis, market intelligence, e-commerce personalization, and fraud detection. With our Log Analytics offerings we assist our customers get quantified ROI while minimizing business disruptions.


We provide proactive monitoring with cloud-based analytics powered by machine learning which increases troubleshooting effectiveness and helps reduce downtime


We detect anomalies; identify the indicators that led to compromise, accelerate investigation and ensure compliance with Security Analytics.


We provide real time analytics of customer behavior and predict the next move which helps you in making data-driven business decisions.

Log Analytics Solutions

Why CloudJournee?

  • Deep expertise in ELK strategy designing, implementation and support
  • Capability to build customized solution with Lower total cost of ownership
  • Ability to leverage big data technologies for faster results and more accurate decision-making
  • Rapid deployment with reports providing immediate visibility into operational trends