Why Serverless Computing?

No Servers to Maintain

Easy & Efficient Scaling with Minimum Effort

Unprecedented Developer Agility

Enterprise-grade Security and Redundancy

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Higher Application Availability

Cost Saving with Pay per Use Pricing

Repeatable code-defined Infrastructure

Container-based isolation, portability, & scalability

Serverless Computing Offerings

Adopting serverless can deliver many benefits but the road to serverless can get challenging depending on the solution you want to develop and deploy. With CloudJournee’s expertise you cannot only successfully adopt serverless computing but also realize it’s overall benefits.

Our Technology Expertise


AWS Lambda


Microsoft Azure Functions


Google Cloud Functions

Why CloudJournee?

  • Highly specialized team of experts with experience in architecting serverless applications with efficiency and transparency
  • Expertise in Cloud & DevOps to ensure that you reap full benefits of serverless technology
  • Skills in driving cost optimization by analyzing the features and components
  • 24/7/365 support for applications at competitive pricing