Why AWS Account Auditing?

AWS account auditing helps in assessing the health of an AWS account and evaluate your month on month AWS spent. It also makes it easier to understand the security and reliability of the environment and helps in taking remediation steps around

Network Configuration and Management

Asset Configuration and Management

Logging and Event Management

Data Encryption Controls


Logical Access Control

Disaster Recovery

Incident Response

Cost Optimization

AWS Account Audit Offerings

To ensure that both resources and data are protected, appropriate configuration and monitoring is essential. With specialized tools CloudJournee provides services which not only help in monitoring and auditing the AWS infrastructure and but also provides remediation solution for your AWS environment.

Why CloudJournee?

  • We provide over 100 checks across core services like Compute, Database, Network, and Storage which helps you check the current status of your AWS environment
  • Our team of AWS Audit experts has immense experience in analyzing the security of your AWS deployment & provide appropriate corrective actions
  • Our team provides real-time insights & reports which helps in gaining visibility into the most critical security issues of your account and provide remediation measures to address the issues quickly
  • Our team of experts helps in ensuring that the AWS account is set us as per the industry best practices so you can maximize the return of your AWS investment & manage your increasing cloud bills

Case Studies