About Customer:
  • An Indian general insurance company with a national presence
  • Offers a wide range of insurance products to both retail and commercial clients
  • Has issued over 2 crore policies through its 100+ branches

Industry: Financial Service

Service: Cloud Hosting, DevOps

Technology: Amazon Web Services

Accelerating DevOps and Cloud Adoption in Financial Services with AWS


  • Needed to automate end-to-end processes from development to production for general insurance applications, minimizing manual intervention.
  • Required agility and reliability to provide high-quality services continuously.


  • Partnered with CloudJournee for DevOps consulting, analyzing existing workflows and tools.
  • Developed a tailored DevOps adoption strategy and roadmap, focusing on a few key applications initially.
  • Defined bespoke DevOps CI/CD pipelines catering to diverse team and technology needs.
  • Recommended and implemented the appropriate set of DevOps tools for the company’s specific requirements.
  • Migrated select in-house applications from an on-premise VMware environment to AWS Cloud.
  • Created a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure uninterrupted service.


  • Conducted a thorough analysis of current operations and infrastructure.
  • Systematically transitioned applications to AWS, ensuring high security and scalability.
  • Streamlined deployment processes with AWS services and DevOps practices.


  • Reduced application deployment time from 3-5 days to less than 3 hours.
  • Enhanced team productivity and collaboration.
  • Achieved more reliable and scalable application performance in the AWS cloud.
  • Successfully automated end-to-end processes with minimal manual intervention.

Lessons Learned

  • Strategic adoption of DevOps and cloud migration significantly improves operational efficiency in the financial sector.
  • Well-planned disaster recovery strategies are crucial for maintaining continuous service in the finance industry.

Customer Quote

“Migrating to AWS and adopting DevOps has transformed our application deployment, making our services faster and more reliable, which is crucial in the insurance industry.”


This case study demonstrates the transformative impact of AWS and DevOps adoption in the financial services sector, emphasizing improved efficiency, collaboration, and customer service.

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