About Customer:
  • UK-based financial services organization
  • Specializes in investment solutions and index services
  • Committed to delivering high-quality, round-the-clock services to clients

Industry: Financial Service

Service: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Management

Technology: Amazon Web Services

Enhancing Financial Service Operations with AWS Cloud Migration and Monitoring


  • Need for a stable, secure, high-availability enterprise platform.
  • Zero downtime, high performance, and disaster recovery capabilities for in-house applications.
  • Agility and transparency requirements for a financial index provider.


  • Migrated bespoke applications from on-premise VMware to AWS Cloud – UK Region.
  • Designed and deployed a robust AWS environment across 55+ servers tailored to business needs.
  • Developed a disaster recovery plan for uninterrupted business continuity.
  • Configured AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) for traffic distribution and SFTP servers for secure data transfer.
  • Provided 24/7 incident management with adherence to Service Level Agreements


  • Analyzed client’s existing infrastructure and planned migration strategy.
  • Systematically migrated applications to AWS, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Configured AWS services for optimal performance and security.
  • Established a centralized monitoring system for continuous operational oversight.


  • Achieved significant application performance and reliability improvements.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 35%-40% compared to on-premise operations.
  • Enhanced focus on core business objectives and agile cloud-based operations.
  • Substantial reduction in Capital Expenditure (CapEx)

Lessons Learned

  1. Effective cloud migration enhances operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Continuous monitoring and AWS management are vital for financial services’ uptime and security

Future Plans

  1. Further optimize cloud usage and explore advanced AWS services for better performance.
  2. Integrate more sophisticated monitoring and management tools within the AWS ecosystem.

Customer Quote

“Migrating to AWS Cloud has not only optimized our application performance but also allowed us to focus more on our core financial services, proving to be a strategic move for our business.”


This project exemplifies the transformative impact of AWS Cloud Migration and Monitoring in the financial services industry, demonstrating enhanced operational efficiency, cost reduction, and improved service delivery

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