About Customer:
  • An EU-based Manufacturing & Automotive company
  • Aims to revolutionize electric vehicle charging networks in the EU and US
  • Committed to bringing freedom to electric vehicles globally through innovative solutions

Industry: Manufacturing & Automotive

Service: Cloud Hosting, Automation

Technology: Amazon Web Services

Accelerating Renewable Energy Innovations with AWS Cloud Automation


  • Transform business operations in the renewable energy sector through digital innovation
  • Leverage AWS and cutting-edge technologies for medium to long-term benefits in their digital transformation and automation initiatives


  • Designed a robust, end-to-end infrastructure on AWS cloud, focusing on high availability, scalability, and security
  • Leveraged technologies like Terraform for automated provisioning and AWS Lambda for serverless computing
  • Implemented centralized monitoring of charging stations and IoT devices on AWS cloud.
  • Utilized ELK stack to analyze log data from various sources, converting it into valuable business insights and dashboards


  • Configured AWS cloud architecture to support seamless integration with IoT devices for charging stations
  • Automated resource management and service provisioning using Terraform, reducing manual workload
  • Developed and managed a centralized system for monitoring and managing IoT devices, ensuring efficient operation and real-time data processing
  • Implemented log data analysis using the ELK stack to gain actionable insights and create comprehensive dashboards for decision-making


  • Reduced the time and effort for AWS cloud infrastructure provisioning significantly
  • Achieved a 15-20% cost saving by implementing serverless computing for certain components
  • Enabled near real-time log analysis, enhancing operational awareness and responsiveness
  • Transitioned from CapEx to OpEx investment model, leading to overall cost reductions

Lessons Learned

  1. Early adoption of Infrastructure as Code and serverless computing can dramatically streamline cloud infrastructure management.
  2. Continuous monitoring and real-time data analysis are critical in managing complex IoT environments effectively.

Future Plans

  1. Plan to expand automation to other areas of operations to further enhance efficiency.
  2. Explore the integration of more advanced AI and machine learning techniques to optimize IoT device management and data analysis.

Customer Quote

“With AWS Cloud Automation, we’ve not only streamlined our operations but also set a new standard in renewable energy management. This technology has been a game-changer for us”


This project has marked a significant leap in operational efficiency and innovation in the renewable energy sector, demonstrating the transformative power of AWS Cloud Services and automation.

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