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Client Overview

US based Service Management Company specializing in Identity Management, API Management & IT Modernization

Business Need

  • To increase infrastructure efficiency by migrating servers from on-premise VMware environment to a secured & scalable AWS cloud while ensuring they are accessible in high availability mode
  • To create site to site VPN for establishing communication between on-premise database in VMWare & One Identity Manager Servers on AWS


  • Creation and configuration of Docker containers on AWS using Kubernetes and Docker-swarm while ensuring their accessibility in high availability mode
  • Reduction in total number of servers from 33 on VMware to 16 on AWS by containerization using Docker
  • Containerization architecture designed to meet the workload environments & deployed by Docker-swarm cluster with InGress Network
  • Installations of Docker engine with required OS in AWS servers
  • Zero downtime during migration with 24x7x365 end-to-end cloud management
  • Site to site VPN connection established between AWS VPN and on-premise VMware VPN for faster communication between servers
  • Secured Secret Management for encrypting database credentials and containers IP


  • Cost optimization by cloud migration and reduction in total number of servers
  • Increased infrastructure efficiency by reducing the number of on-premise VMware servers
  • Scalable infrastructure ensuring faster and quicker delivery with utmost security
  • Improved server effectiveness with reduced load and memory consumption on AWS

Industry: Information Technology

Service: Managed Cloud Services,
Cloud Migration

Technology: Amazon Web Services,