Industry: Supply Chain Service

Service: Analytics, Data Engineering

Technology: Amazon Web Services

Client Overview

Indian based distributor management organization which provides one-step solution to all management and sales-end requirements for various companies and its brands to check their supply chain and other logistic functionalities.

Business Need

  • To establish an analytics platform to analyse sales of competitive products ,its average sales,bill value,bills per outlets with monthly & quarterly sales comparison
  • Analyze time of day,days of week sales of same category products in urban, rural area
  • Analyze basket size and associate brands sold in market

How Did We Help

  • CloudJournee’s team fully understood the complexities of existing analytic application and quickly provided advice on recreating the same dashboard in server-less AWS QuickSight
  • Connected database with AWS QuickSight in a private environment, joined ,processed and Prepared data as per the requirement by ensuring row ,column, SPICE capacity limit
  • Added bar charts for same category brands and products average sales,bill value,bills per outlets and added monthly & quarterly drill down. Categorized basket size as 3 main sizes using calculated fields and visualized it with purchase time and day analysis to gather purchase trend
  • Enabled colour code for brands in bar charts as per brand and its company’s standard
  • Enabled interactive filter by enabling field mapping to datasets and charted brand association


  • Overall TCO reduction by 35% – 40% compared to running the applications on-premise vs after recreating in Server-less QuickSight
  • Migrating old data from database to AWS storage services as CSV’s saves database cost by 50%
  • Able to figure out leading competitive products and their market sales
  • Efficiency has been increased 30% by fully automated data management which saves time and efforts of analyst