About Customer:
  • US-based automotive giant committed to innovation and sustainability
  • Operates globally with diverse business in vehicle manufacturing, finance, and mobility services
  • Focuses on adaptation for sustained competitiveness

Industry: Automobile

Service: Data Migration

Technology: Amazon Web Services (AWS), including AWS S3, AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), and AWS Cloud Migration Factory.

This case study explores how a leading US-based automotive company transitioned its data systems from on-premise infrastructure to Amazon Web Services to enhance system modernization, scalability, and data-driven decision-making. The project highlights innovative approaches to cloud migration, focusing on optimizing performance and reducing costs in a competitive industry.

Customer Overview

A US-based automotive giant with a robust product portfolio and a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability. Operating in multiple international markets, the company has a diverse business model that spans vehicle manufacturing, finance, and mobility services, continuously adapting to maintain its competitive edge.

Business Challenge

The company faced significant challenges that necessitated a move to a more agile and scalable cloud environment:

  • System Modernization: Needed to update legacy systems to be compatible with the latest software versions and security protocols.
  • Data Consolidation: Required integration of data from over 10 disparate sources to enhance scalability and performance.
  • Advanced Data Analysis: Aimed to establish a data lake in AWS for efficient processing and analysis of vast amounts of data to support strategic decisions across business operations.

Implementation Plan

  • Architecture Design: Developed a tailored architecture to support seamless data migration from multiple sources.
  • Cloud Integration: Utilized AWS S3 for scalable data storage and AWS DMS alongside the Cloud Migration Factory for efficient data transfer with minimal downtime.
  • Cost Management: Implemented AWS’s pay-as-you-go model to minimize upfront costs and reduce total cost of ownership.

Solution Architecture

  • Data Source Integration: Connected multiple data sources to AWS S3 Data Lake.
  • Migration Tools: Leveraged AWS Cloud Migration Factory and DMS for secure and efficient data migration.
  • Storage and Analysis: Established AWS S3 as the central hub for data storage and analysis, facilitating access to structured and unstructured data.

Benefits and Value Achieved

  • Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency: Enabled anytime, anywhere data access, which facilitated faster decision-making and improved operational efficiency.
  • Scalability and Performance: Supported growing data demands with robust AWS infrastructure, improving data processing and analysis capabilities.
  • Cost Efficiency: Achieved significant cost savings with a 50% reduction in upfront investment and a 30% decrease in total cost of ownership over one year.

Customer Testimonial

“Transitioning to AWS not only streamlined our data management processes but also significantly cut our operational costs. The ability to swiftly adapt and scale according to market demands has been crucial in maintaining our leadership in the automotive sector,” – CIO, US Automotive Company.

Key Statistics About Customer Value Realized:

  • Data Accessibility Improvements: Enabled global data access, reducing decision-making time by over 40%.
  • Cost Reduction: 50% reduction in initial investment costs; 30% average reduction in TCO over the first year.
  • Performance Enhancements: Achieved a 60% improvement in data processing and analysis speed.

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