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End-to-End Application Migration &
Monitoring on AWS

Client Overview

UK based organization providing investment solutions addressing the full value chain of an index provider from index design and operations through to calculation and deliver high excellence service to their clients

Business Need

  • To provide a Stable and Secure enterprise platform that offers High Availability, Zero downtime, High performance, Disaster Recovery with respect to their existing in-house built bespoke applications
  • Being a Financial index provider they have to be agile, fast and transparent by delivering the best quality services round the clock to their customers


  • Migration of their home grown applications from on-premise VMware environment to AWS cloud – UK Region
  • Designed & created the AWS Environment’s architecture and deployed the applications on 55+ servers based on the client business needs
  • Analyzed and designed a disaster recovery plan, so that in case of failure of one system, the other will handle the additional load to ensure the smooth business continuity
  • Configured AWS ELB service in the environments which allows the distribution of incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances in the cloud. Configured SFTP Servers for transferring the data between on-premises to AWS servers
  • 24x7x365 incident management with call & email support
  • Adherence to Service Level Agreements


  • Migrating their applications to the AWS cloud enabled them to use their applications to the fullest by maximizing security, reliability and scalability
  • Overall TCO reduction by 35% – 40% when compared to running the applications on-premise vs after migration of applications to AWS cloud
  • Customer was able to focus on their core business objectives more effectively
  • Transformation to agile cloud based business along with massive reduction on CapEx

Industry: BFSI

Service: Managed Cloud Services,
Cloud Migration

Technology: Amazon Web Services