Industry: Retail Service

Service: Data Engineering, Machine Learning

Technology: AWS

Client Overview

UK-based Retail e-commerce provider that cooperates with multiple brands, providing a platform to sell products in multiple categories. Seeking a third-party company that could build – Product recommendations/Personalization system to achieve enhanced customer experience and increase sales.

Business Need

  • Leverage AWS services to build a fast and effective Machine Learning model to enhance customer experience and increase sales. The business goal was to use machine learning (ML) to increase sales, provide a good customer experience, attract new clients, and retain loyal online platform users. The challenge was to create a custom predictive analytics and recommendation/Personalization system.

How Did We Help

  • CloudJournee’s professionally certified Data Engineers conducted continuous discussions with client staff and Data Analysts to understand and analyze the current data and its features
  • CloudJournee fully understood the existing complexities of the client’s project at hand and quickly advised on the Product Recommendation/Personalization system
  • Analyzing and cleaning the unstructured data was done through EDA process using the Sagemaker Jupyter notebook and the preprocessed data was then used to build, train, test, and deploy the ML model using the ML algorithm that would power a custom Recommendation/Personalization system
  • As a result users got recommendations of relevant product categories that made them feel more satisfied and increased sales


  • Customer delight as Customers can order directly from the home page based his/her interest
  • Increased sales by 8%
  • Increased the revenue by 10%
  • Increased number of orders from 5,000/Month to 8,000/Month