Industry: IT Services

Service: Migration, DevOps

Technology: Microsoft Azure

Client Overview

Australia based innovation consulting company which partners with organizations and governments to design products and services. One of their flagship product integrates governance and performance management across the organization to realize the enterprise strategy.

Business Need

  • Migrate on-premise applications to Azure cloud across various Azure subscriptions
  • To ensure secure, scalable, high availability of their applications across Azure IaaS and PaaS
  • Accelerate application delivery by implementing DevOps and automations
  • Implement better Governance model, processes and get insights of the Azure cloud across subscriptions

How Did We Help

  • CloudJournee team has conducted cloud assessment to get a holistic view of end to end Azure environment and applications
  • Recommended cloud migration roadmap and post approval migrated the applications to Azure cloud IaaS
  • Consolidated the applications across multiple subscriptions for PaaS
  • Implemented Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines to streamline the end to end process of their applications
  • Built multiple dashboards to get better insights by collating data from multiple Azure subscriptions
  • Configured robust security and compliance policies for identified potential gaps in existing infrastructure
  • 24×7 Cloud monitoring and management for 100+ Azure VM’s


  • Azure monthly billing was optimized by 20% to 25% for Azure IaaS and 8% of Azure PaaS
  • Able to get visibility of application insights in less than 5 minutes which used to consume around 5-8 hours manually
  • Deployment time has been reduced from 8 to 10 days to < 8 hours
  • Client established credibility with Australian Government departments for better management of infrastructure