Industry: Retail Service

Service: Analytics, Data Engineering

Technology: AWS

Client Overview

Indian-based company, engaged in the business of retailing a range of household and consumer products through departmental store facilities under B2C and B2B sales.

Business Need

  • To establish an analytics platform to track retailer performance for preferred date intervals
  • Analyze top most and least sold brands and it’s products in different retailers, distributors, regions and geographic levels to improve marketing efforts and to analyze sales and order flows
  • Trail month-to-date coverage and growth of products

How Did We Help

  • CloudJournee’s  data professional experts and Cloud Engineers coordinated with the client’s technical team to understand the current data structure and data integration with Quicksight
  • Prepared datasets by joining multiple data sources and stored datasets in QuickSight’s SPICE in-memory cache capacity for fast query performance and scheduled data refresh
  • Visualized point on map KPI using GeoSpacial fields for mapping region wise sales performance
  • Build Custom narrative ML insights for calculating the least and most sales analysis of Products
  • Enabled  drill down feature for bifurcating data into different segments to visualize sales and order analysis .Improved data interactivity by refining data of multi data sets by field mapping  main and KPI specific filters to track month to date Coverage & Growth


  • Server-less and  Pay-per-session pricing model of QuickSight reduces Overall TCO by 30%-40%
  • Identify steady and new retailers under a distributor
  • Understanding customer preferences and helpful to improve product marketing strategy
  • Easy to monitor less moving products and brands to focus on  sales & product marketing campaigns