Industry: Supply Chain Service

Service: Analytics, Data Engineering

Technology: Amazon Web Services

Client Overview

A FMCG supply chain and distributor management company based in India that has 100+ distributors and 1000+ customers and uses Salesforce for business-to-business (B2B) ordering. The company needs an automated analytics solution to track salesforce performance and market trends.

Business Need

  • To establish highly accurate performance tracking system for analyzing coverage & productivity of Tele Sales agents
  • To analyze their sales data for a better understanding of their existing customers , product movement and placements to improve their business operations.

How Did We Help

  • Cloudjournee’s data experts had a detail discussion with client’s technical team and analyzed the existing workflow, hierarchy & structure of data
  • Processed, prepared and cleaned the data and joining them from multiple data sources in Quicksight Console as per the business requirements
  • Added customized calculated fields for analyzing Productivity and coverage of sales and added interactive filters & actions to slice and dice visuals into granular insights
  • Enabled ML algorithms to forecast and predict the future trends of sales in different geographic and product level
  • Implemented Nearly Live Quicksight dashboard by scheduling data refresh on hourly basis
  • Scheduled customized QuickSight dashboard email reports to authorized users


  • Tracking sales agent performance has been reduced from 5-10 days to < seconds
  • Client was able to track regularly on new customers, their purchase trend and contribution in sales in seconds which saves days of manual effort
  • Client’s reporting and sales tracking efficiency has been increased by 40% with fully automated reports and data flow
  • Serverless and Pay-per-session pricing model reduces Overall TCO by 30%