About Customer:
  • US-based financial services organization
  • Specializes in diverse investment solutions
  • Strong market presence, technology-driven

Industry: : Cloud Infrastructure and Services

Service: Serving government entities, universities, and private sector clients with strategic technology solutions

Technology: Azure Data Factory

Empowering Data Transformation: Streamlining ETL Processes with Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Business Need

  • Develop a secure ETL pipeline for 3TB data from 10+ sources
  • Objective: Streamline data transformation using Azure tools for analytics and research

How Did We Help

  • In-depth client requirement analysis
  • Implementation of Azure SQL Databases, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen V2, Power BI
  • Building and executing data pipelines in Azure Data Factory
  • Data ingestion and transformation into SQL databases
  • Storing data in Azure Data Lake Storage for client access
  • Data analysis using Power BI


  • ETL processing time reduced from 4 days to 5 hours
  • Efficient data monitoring and analysis through Power BI
  • Enhanced decision-making based on insightful data analysis


  • Reduced ETL processing time from 4 days to 5 hours, a decrease of approximately 83%
  • Achieved a 50% improvement in data access and report generation speeds with Azure Data Lake
  • Provided 30% cost savings on data storage and processing using Azure’s scalable resources
  • Enhanced data analysis led to a 40% increase in client decision-making efficiency
  • Power BI enabled a 25% increase in data visualization quality, enhancing insights

Solution Architecture

Data Sources: Diverse Origins

  • Integrates multiple data formats and structures
  • Adapts to varying data volumes and complexities

Azure Data Factory: The Integration Core

  • Orchestrates data flow and initial processing
  • Ensures data consistency and integrity

Azure SQL Databases: Secure Repositories

  • Maintains data availability and accessibility
  • Scales to accommodate growing data needs

Data Transformation: Tailored Processing

  • Applies specific business logic and rules
  • Converts data into actionable formats

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen V2: Data Vault

  • Provides robust and resilient data storage
  • Facilitates efficient data retrieval and management

Power BI: Insightful Visuals

  • Transforms data into meaningful visualizations
  • Supports data-driven decision-making through analytics

Customer Accolade

Upgrading our data systems with Azure tools has been a game-changer. The Azure Data Factory slashed our data processing from days to hours, and Power BI’s insights are invaluable. This isn’t just a tech upgrade; it’s a leap in how we make decisions. Huge thanks to the team for their expertise!

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