Industry: Retail Service

Service: Analytics, Data Engineering

Technology: Amazon Web Services

Client Overview

Indian based retail distributor management company which uses sales field automation for B2B ordering via telesales by levering retail trade of international brands and Products.

Business Need

  • To establish highly accurate telesales performance tracking system for analyzing coverage, productivity,attendance,time spent on call and monthly targets versus achievements of salesperson by region,distributor and Period wise with daily performance email reporting.

How Did We Help

  • Cloudjournee’s data experts had a detail discussion with client’s database team about data hierarchy & structure.
  • Processed and prepared the data for joining multi datasets from different data sources and done some data cleaning like eliminating NULL values, excluding irrelevant fields, etc and configured datasets to store in Quicksight’s in-memory SPICE capacity.
  • Implemented nearly live Quicksight dashboard by scheduling data refresh on hourly basis.
  • Added customized calculated fields for coverage and productivity and added interactive filters & actions to slice and dice visuals into granular insights .Tracked time spent, attendance, target versus achievement of sales person by adding logical calculations, functions & date filter.
  • Scheduled customized QuickSight dashboard email reports to authorized users.


  • Company’s efficiency has been increased 30% by fully automated report generation and data management
  • Serverless and  Pay-per-session pricing model of QuickSight reduces Overall TCO
  • Client then able to track least and most performed telesales staffs in the organization which helps to identify right resources and provide proper guidance and training