Industry: Travel Industry

Service: Machine Learning

Technology: Amazon Web Services

Client Overview

A UK based travel company providing a full range of vacation services all around the globe. Working with the operators, organizers, and travel agents, the motto of the company is to provide a hustle-free and comfortable travel and stay to customers throughout the vacation.

Business Need/Challenge

  • Client intends to improve customer service and reduce the high volume of customer inquiries related to package information, slot availability, travel fares, etc.,
  • Need to have a conversational voice BOT that provides information and a better customer experience compared to a regular website and automated emails
  • Client want to focus on investing more time in business development rather than attending to common queries

How Did We Help

  • Using Amazon Lex in AWS, CloudJournee has built conversational interfaces by creating intents (which store common inquiries and utterances) which has built-in ML algorithms to recognize and respond to the input (Voice or Chat).
  • Integrated it with other AWS services so that it can interact with Databases, other systems, and data sources.
  • Integrated with their application so that it can be used as a voice BOT, or virtual assistant for product information etc.


  • End customers have and improved experience by interactive helpdesk with a voice BOT that speaks and communicates with customers rather than scrolling through the website and waiting for automated emails for complete details and information
  • Client’s customer service executive team experienced a reduced call volume as the call flow was directed towards the virtual assistant reducing operating costs.
  • Client has saved time and utilize it on business development, Innovative projects, and initiatives resulting in greater work efficiency and sales outreach.