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Chatbot Development Services

Developing Customized and Highly Specialized Chatbots with Amazon Lex


Why Develop Chatbot with Amazon Lex?


  • Automated speech recognition

  • Natural language processing

  • Built-in integration with AWS Lambda, AWS MobileHub and Amazon CloudWatch SDKs for multiple programming languages

  • SaaS Connectors

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  • Easy to use

  • No upfront costs or minimum fees

  • Seamless deployment

  • Scalability

Our Chatbot Services

At CloudJournee, we offer end-to-end chatbot development services, right from conceptualizing, defining the objectives to building and testing the actual chatbot based solution.

Chatbot Use Cases

Call Center Bots

To help callers perform tasks such as changing password, requesting balance on an account, or scheduling an appointment, without needing to speak to an agent

Informational Bots

To cater everyday consumer requests, such as accessing the latest news updates, game scores, or weather

Application Bots

To help customers with many basic tasks, such as accessing their bank account, booking tickets, ordering food, or calling a cab

Enterprise Productivity Bots

To enable employees check sales data from Salesforce, marketing performance from HubSpot, and customer service status from Zendesk, directly from their chatbots within minutes

Internet of Things (IoT)

To inculcate highly interactive and conversational user experiences for connected devices in the rapidly growing segment of Internet of Things (IoT)

Why CloudJournee?

  • Pool of experts with experience in Amazon Lex chatbot technology
  • Capability to build chatbots across various platforms & industries
  • Competency to provide comprehensive service in designing, development, testing of intelligent chatbots
  • Expertise in helping organizations reduce their costs with Chatbots