DevOps Assessment Solution

Problem Statement / Background:

Help customers adopt the right DevOps strategy with proper planning tool.

At the start of organization’s DevOps journey, the road ahead may seem full of challenges. Getting started with it takes some time. DevOps demand specialized expertise along with a complete overhaul of the culture and organizational discipline. Most of the organizations face challenge adopting the DevOps and get business benefits. Reasons could be like lack of maturity in development & operation processes, teams etc..

About Solution:

CloudJournee’s online DevOps assessment solution provides holistic assessment approach to identify the maturity level for various areas such as development & operation processes, methodologies, teams and applications. The assessment identifies gaps in the each area.  It provides detailed maturity level report and application readiness report. It also provides gaps in communication and collaboration between different teams and suggests better communication mechanism.

Solution Features:

  • Online assessment leveraging structured methodologies and broader coverage
  • Assessment based on end to end Development & Operations, processes
  • Fitment analysis for DevOps adoption / implementation