Log Analysis Services

As your application makes use of the cloud, Log Analytics is what it needs in order to make the most of it.

If your organization is already using the cloud or planning to move towards it, then Log Analytics is a term that you must be aware of. Log Analytics is how you can collect and analyze the data that is generated by your cloud and on-premise resources. With Log Analytics, you get real-time / near real-time insights of all your servers and their workloads.

However- achieving all of this can take significant expertise and efforts, and CloudJournee takes over it all for you to provide you with the data that you need.

There are numerous advantages that come with the architecture of log analytics, and the team of experts at CloudJournee will help you leverage all of them. We ensure that there is an analysis of the entire breadth of the operational data for helping you to find, resolve all problems and generate business insights as dashboard reports.

Key Offerings:
  • Accurate Log analytics to help you keep tab on your cloud
  • Leverage the results to take crucial business decisions
  • Analytics across the entire breadth of operations